Eaton Living Room

Triple-arched backs and carved crests pay tribute to Victorian design. Solid wood frames, exquisitely hand-carved and hand-finished. Sofa and chair backs have a serpentine wood rail that runs down the arms and meets the front legs. Crests feature scrolls and foliated flowers in high relief. Front and side aprons are distinguished by dramatic carving. Also note the carved hand grips and heavy scroll feet. The hand-sewn upholstery is finished with a welt trim. Three complementary fabrics are used on the backs, cushions and throw pillows. Thick, high density foam within the backs and deep loose cushions on the seats provide optimum support and comfort. The tables have shaped glass tops. All pieces are available in either finish: Alabaster or Antique Walnut with gold detailing. Throw pillows shown are included with purchase (NOTE: Chair comes with two throw pillows). 

Upholstery Items Conveniently Feature a removable base for easier access thru doorways, hallways, and staircases!