Magnolia Hall Reviews

Occasionally we hear people say to us:

"I have a hard time buying furniture that I haven’t been able to sit in."

We certainly understand how you feel! So, since October of 2012 we opened a showroom in Jasper, Georgia, to display some of our product line. You are welcome to come visit us and see some of the most beautiful furniture in the world!

But, if you can't come to Jasper, perhaps you will enjoy hearing from some of our customers, who have been kind enough to share their shopping experience with Magnolia Hall.

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What People are Saying...

"I just wanted to contact you to thank you for personally overseeing the packing of the crimson toile tea set and to let you know that it arrived today, safe and sound, with not a single chip, break or crack to be found anywhere. It's even more beautiful in person than the photos. And the size! I did not realize how large the tea pot and cups are! I am not complaining at all; I only mean to say that this is an unexpected pleasant surprise. It will be perfect for when I take tea with my friends and colleagues. Once again, thank you so much for such a pleasant experience purchasing from your store. I hope to do business with your establishment again in the future. I will also certainly pass along to my friends what a positive experience I had and to hopefully send more business your way. Thanks again for all your help. I hope you have a wonderful day."  -  M.B.

"I have been shopping for furniture and I was interested in some items that you were showing on your internet site.  I was fortunate to have Sasha respond to my inquiries. I cannot compliment her enough on the quality of her performance.  She is knowledgeable about the products, construction, production, and time tables. Sasha called or emailed me in a timely response to my many inquiries within the same day or the next. She even took the effort to contact your suppliers to see if there were other options to fill my needs. Sasha is pleasant and respectful. I cannot tell you how impressed and delighted I am to have had the pleasure of dealing with Sasha.  She is an invaluable asset to your company."  - S.D.

"The new vinyl rug goes beautifully with the oak floor and our newly painted Retro Aqua cabinetry in our Victorian Kitchen! I thank you ever so much.  I will send you some photos shortly…  What I can do is log back on and post picture(s) with customer reviews if your system allows.  Thank you again.  The  makeover was just what I needed to end my kitchen blues!!!"     - G.G.

"I recently purchased the Cornwall Manor sofa, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wasn't sure I was going to like it by looking at the pictures on the site. The pictures just don't do it justice! You truly have to see this piece in person to truly appreciate how beautiful it is. I love it!"    - T.S.

"Breathtaking! I shopped for quite some time before deciding on this Sideboard. When it came it took my breath away. DO NOT hesitate to purchase [the Louis 16th Sideboard]! I love beautiful furniture and have seen a lot, this is in a category all by itself. It is large so make sure you have enough room. It fit the place I wanted just perfectly and the delivery people were more than helpful. I can't say enough about how well I was treated by everyone I spoke to at Magnolia Hall. I also ordered a table which I will review and it is just as perfect. This is a real find on the internet."    - S.M..

"You have the best and prettiest furniture on earth."     - F.C.

"Just received my table and I am extremely pleased with it. The quality is excellent. Thanks for your help."     - S.H.

"...the [lamp] shades came and they are just so gorgeous. I wanted to thank you and let you know how really pleased I am. My home is a Victorian country home and being an artist and historian buff, I’m trying to make the home as vintage on the inside as it is on the outside. So thanks again."     - G.L.

"Just wanted to send a note that the Old London Estate King bed we ordered was stunning!

The delivery folks were efficient, fast, and professional. They worked with us to get the large bed in the house.

The quality of the bed was even better than anticipated; beautiful workmanship, top quality woodwork, and heavy durable structure.

This is furniture that will last a lifetime and become heirlooms ... thanks so much for offering such wonderful items ... at surprisingly reasonable prices."     - C.N.

"[you] will not be disappointed in the quality of the furniture. It is the best!!... and the customer service was outstanding.”     - K.M.

"The lamps arrived yesterday and they are truly magnificent. Thank you so very much. Tomorrow I leave for the US but unfortunately I will not be in your area as I would have loved to see your showroom."     - D.M.

"Love my couch. I am looking forward for the settee and pillows, thank you!"     - C.T.

"Your catalogue is beautiful and very inspiring! Your furniture is very elegant, I especially like the cream color or white furnishings. Thanks for sending it to me!"     - R.G.

"I just wanted to let you know that this was my first order with Magnolia Hall and am thoroughly pleased with my chandelier. I have a 200 year old home and had searched for quite some time before deciding to go with you guys at Magnolia Hall. Once installed it looks like it has always been part of the home... it is just a little jewel displayed there and such a joy to wake up to. It definitely completes the room. It arrived in the time stated and I will be looking forward to purchasing other items from Magnolia Hall. Again, thanks so much for your help.”     - W.A.

"I sent you a few pictures of my redecorated family room. Most of the pieces were purchased from Magnolia Hall. I am very pleased with all the items. You carry some very nice pieces.

Most of all, I would like to thank you and Magnolia Hall for the wonderful and exceptional customer service that you provide. It was a pleasure to shop from you, and if I met anyone in the future who would like nice furniture and accessories I will definitely recommend Magnolia Hall...

Thank you very much,"     - E.R.

"I ...have seen my furniture for the first time. It is absolutely breathtaking. I love it... Looking forward to placing another order."     - D.S.

"Great Job, I think it will complement my furniture a lot.

Great doing business with you."     - G.L.

"I recently read an ad for the most beautiful lampshade I had ever laid my eyes on. I called and requested a copy of Magnolia Hall's catalog. The catalog arrived within a week and I was in awe as I started paging through it. I quickly phoned and ordered a gorgeous lampshade and sofa. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful your service is. From the first person I spoke with at Magnolia Hall to the two gentlemen that delivered our sofa on Monday evening. It has been a truly wonderful experience. And the Isabella sofa; it's far more beautiful than what we were expecting. The hand carving, the fabric, the design and the comfort level. Several people came by to look at it yesterday and the compliments...One of my closest friends said; 'Your taste and your furniture has always been beautiful, but this is incredible. It is too pretty to sit on'. Then she sat on it. She said she was moving in.

When we lost 50% of our furniture in 2003, due to a fire, I was devastated, but now that I've discovered Magnolia Hall I know that I will be able to replace what I and my husband lost.

Thank you very much,"     - T.M.

"Finding that furniture-fit for our home to comfort both mind and body has always been critical to my wife and I, and we were much relieved to find Magnolia Hall had exactly what we were searching for. We have bought several collections from them over the years for our formal, family and office rooms and have been more than satisfied with the quality, look and feel of the pieces. The process of interior design is a stressfull one, and the representatives at Magnolia Hall were knowledgeable, experienced and always helpful - an invaluable resource guide."     - N.C.

"It has always been a pleasure dealing with you. Your merchandise is absolutely beautiful, and of excellent quality."     - E.Y.

"I would like to thank you and Magnolia Hall for the fine quality of furniture you offer for sale. The Lions Foot Curio was delivered last Friday and it is BEAUTIFUL. The quality and workmanship are great. I was surprised and all I could say was WOW when I saw it for the first time in person. I have purchased items from Magnolia Hall in the past, and I felt confident in this purchase over the internet. The only thing is, it is much nicer than its picture. People can purchase items from your business with confidence! I also would like to add that Sun Delivery delivered the Curio to my home in Ohio, and they were prompt and very professional."     - R.T.

"I am very grateful for your help. I want to thank Magnolia Hall and your great staff, and I am looking forward to doing business again in the near future."     - S.R.

"We received our furniture last Saturday. It is magnificent and we love it. We think you all should come to visit us and see our home full of purchases from Magnolia Hall. We’ve truly enjoyed our relationship and purchases from you."     - M.L.

"I would like once again to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order. The service was quick and everything was very well packaged. All my questions were answered and the people were very pleasant to talk to. When I had to leave a message by phone, my call was returned quickly. Everything and everyone was very professional. I would definitely recommend Magnolia Hall for not only great service, but also for great quality."     - L.R.

"Just a quick note to let you know that the chair arrived today. All we can say is WOW, it is beautiful and the craftsmanship is incredible. Thanks so much for your help with this. We will take some photos soon and send them to you."     - M.D.

"Thanks for the great customer service! The china cabinet is spectacular. Everyone has been oohing and aahhhing over it. Once again, Magnolia Hall comes shining through!"     - R.D.

"Dear Magnolia Hall: I received my new sofa on Sunday 11/9. It is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be. The fabric is exquisite and the workmanship is excellent. I keep looking at it and feel like a queen sitting on it. Just wanted to let you know that I love it and am so glad I was able to purchase it from you… I hope others will purchase this sofa and enjoy it as much as I am."     - M.Z.

"I have been a follower of Magnolia Hall for many years. I have a set of chairs in my living room that I purchased many years ago that would look perfect with the floor lamp. Magnolia Hall is one of my favorite companies because of the timeless, quality pieces you provide for customers."     - A.M.

"I love everything about Magnolia Hall. My favorite pieces of furniture are the grouping of chairs and tables i purchased from Magnollia Hall."     - R.D.

"I love Magnolia Hall. I sit for hours looking through your catalogs imaging how beautiful my house would look, with all the beautiful furniture and accessories."     - L.M.

"One of my favorite pieces of furniture is a Victorian reproduction chair that we had custom made by your company several years ago. It has traveled to 3 states with us as we moved and it always receives compliments."     - D.J.

"Love , Love,Love Magnolia Hall! Beautiful furniture & lamps to have & decorate ! Love & enjoy looking at the catalogs too."     - M.S.

"Magnolia Hall is my dream store. I dream about how my home would look with magnolia hall furniture in it."     - M.S.

"I love the romantic collections at Magnolia Hall. I've wanted Victorian furniture all my life and finally I purchased a sofa, love seat and chair set from Magnolia ... I would love to complete my room with lamps and tables."     - M.M.

"The Thrill of a Life time would be to own a Magnolia Hall piece of furniture. A Dream come True."     - C.R.

"I have long daydreamed about owning a Magnolia Hall piece. I love the warmth of your beautiful Victorian shades and bases."     - C.R.

" Love my shopping experience with Magnolia Hall and love the furniture they sell. I cannot find this furniture in stores in my area. Service is great, and love talking with the employees of the company. Delivery is great and friendly I would recommend shopping with Magnolia Hall."     - M.B.

"Thank you so much. You have been wonderful to me, and I look forward to purchasing more furniture from you." - A.Q.

"I was extremely pleased with the quality of the Marionette Living Room Set. It exceeded my expectations, great craftsmanship, and absolutely love the design. The pillows had character as well. I've taken a few pictures of my set if you'd like to share with your customer. Hope this helps." - T.H.

"I just received my Isabella sofa and chair and I could not be happier! They are absolutely perfect, so much better than I could have even imagined. I love the hand carved roses too, they are so beautiful!"  - M.S.

"Michelle, thank you! I appreciate all your help and I would highly recommend Magnolia Hall. Thank you again." - RC