Ambrose Hilliard Bedroom

The Ambrose Hilliard bedroom is a romantic display of styles, from ornate carving to leather-covered head and footboards. This collection is deeply carved in solid mahogany, cherry and oak woods. The bed has bursts of beautiful carvings on the headboard, footboard and side rails, each highlighted by gold accents to dramatize the carver’s creation. This theme is followed by the mirror and armoire, all contributing to a perfect place to enjoy your nights rest. The majestic dresser has nine roomy drawers to store your clothes and incidentals. Each curved pilaster is draped with carving and dusted with gold, reminding you that this is not just furniture, it’s a craftsman’s labor of love that is now your heirloom. If you would like to add an accent piece to your room, the Edinburgh chair and table set (see accent section) complements the room perfectly.