Old Natchez Bedroom

The great planters' houses of 19th century America were typically built on a massive scale and furnished in an elaborate and costly manner. Bedrooms in the “big house” featured large and ornately carved pieces. The preferred material was mahogany, a naturally dark wood that lends itself to detailed carving. In this romantic collection, we present a bedroom of incomparable elegance and uncompromising quality.

All pieces are solid wood. Mahogany is used in the beautiful carved headboard, footboard, canopy, columns, corner posts, and feet. Maple and cherry are employed for the matched grain panels and drawer fronts. Throughout the group, carvings are accentuated with gold highlights. Dresser mirror features beveled glass. All hardware is solid brass with antique finish. Both size and exquisite detail add up to an effect of Victorian grandeur that is breathtaking. Bed can be configured in either canopy or low post.