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About Madame Tallien
An Absolute favorite lady from the Revolution and Empire periods is the rather infamous Therese Cabarrus-de Fontenay-Tallien-de Chimay, or for short, Madame Tallien. In most histories of late 18th-century France, the French Revolution, or especially the Directory period immediately following the Terror, Therese Tallien's name never fails to pop up. Napoleon couldn't stand her and forbade her from his Imperial court; his wife Josephine was her best friend and snuck out to visit her. Her heyday was from 1794 to about 1800, when the morally relaxed Directory period reigned, and Therese was perched firmly at the pinnacle of bourgeois society, reigning benevolently in her gossamer Greek gowns, pink and blonde wigs, and bejeweled toe rings. She was beautiful, rich, kind, and passionate; but also headstrong, impulsive, and childish. Best of all, she did exactly what she please and made no bones about it!

About How The Statuary Is Made
The Madame Tallien Bust features the romance of days gone by. Great care has been made to capture the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship. These masterpieces are made in one of Atlanta, Georgia’s old historic buildings. This aged structure provides an ideal home for the molding and casting process. Each individual plaster casting is then hand finished in our signature “Fossil” finish. Artisans with years of experience display artistic and technical knowledge, as well as an ability and skill in mold making. Each bust is handmade per order.

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W12" D8" H26"
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