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About a French Noblewoman
This Statuary features the romance of days gone by. Being a French Noblewoman in the time of the French Revolution meant you could have all sorts of luxuries. These included being able to have your own coat of arms. A French Noblewoman was also able to hunt and you were granted the permission to wear and use a sword. Many people associate a noble person as being rich and having many privileges. When the French Revolution broke out, the rules of the social class changed. Nobles would try to buy as little essentials as possible, so they could have enough money to buy lavish clothes and possessions, to be able to show themselves to their neighbors and families.

About How The Statuary Is Made
The French Noblewoman Bust features the romance of days gone by. Great care has been made to capture the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship. These masterpieces are made in one of Atlanta, Georgia’s old historic buildings. This aged structure provides an ideal home for the molding and casting process. Each individual plaster casting is then hand finished in our signature “Fossil” finish. Artisans with years of experience display artistic and technical knowledge, as well as an ability and skill in mold making. Each bust is handmade per order.

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W22" H32"
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