“I’m More Than Just a Number!”

“I’m More Than Just a Number!”

Posted by Magnolia Hall on Nov 16th 2015

Have you ever felt you were treated like a “number” rather than a “person”, with feelings and intelligence?  In the process of efficiency, and management, or perhaps a lack of concern for the customer, companies will sometimes slip into the pattern of losing touch with people.  We feel the same can be said about furniture.  What do we mean?

Without sounding like we’ve gone off the deep end, we believe that romantic furniture has “personality”, too.  Therefore we feel that just assigning a “sku” number to a beautiful sofa, chair, or table; something with character and individuality, just seems wrong somehow. Did I say a “sku” number?  We’ve all heard that term many times.  What does that mean, anyway?  Here is one definition that I found.

“Sku stands for ‘Stock Keeping Unit’. Every uniquely identifiable item in an inventory would be assigned a SKU number. Any variation on the product such as coming from a different vendor, having a different size or color, or having different packaging must be inventoried as a separate SKU to be inventoried as a different item. SKUs are each assigned a distinct number. This number is a unique identifier for the unit and is also referred to as a SKU.”

Sounds very efficient, but where’s the romance?  Did you notice that it refers to an individual item as a “unit”?  Sounds almost too……. robotic!  That is why Magnolia Hall, with just a few exceptions, has chosen to take the time to give each item a name, which we feel they deserve.  In addition, we strive to describe the “personality” of each item, or group.  The way we do that is by trying to provide good description text, and as many images as possible.  This is in reply to a poll that was taken on our website, where you asked for good descriptive images.

“I’m More Than Just a Number!”

So, rather than our beautiful furniture, such as the  Cornwall Manor Sofa, hiding behind a SKU number, we tell you what it is and let you see it in all its splendor.  Yes, all our products are more than just a number!


The Cornwall Manor is one of our oldest, and most popular collections.  It is part of our Designer Collection; a collection of living, dining, and bedrooms that are masterfully made.  You will love the detail, and craftsmanship.