A Chair with a Story

A Chair with a Story

Posted by Magnolia Hall on Jan 8th 2016

A Chair with a Story

The Chair

As you enter the restaurant, you look to the side, and there is one of the most stunning chairs you have ever seen! It’s a little worn for wear, but it’s beautiful!  Look at the character of the lines.  It had to be spectacular when it was new!  This is the chair that would be the model for the Madonna Wing Chair, offered by Magnolia Hall.  As with all things, this chair has a story.  Let me tell you about it.

 A Chair with a Story

The Madonna Inn

There you are, driving south on California Highway 101.  Just as you’re passing San Luis Obispo, you look to your right, and something catches your eye.  Tempted to look further, you realize that you’re driving and have to make a course correction.  Once steadied, you look again, but you’re passing it! That was one of the most eye-catching places you have ever seen; it’s a beautiful pink thing!  With your curiosity piqued, you get off at the next exit, Madonna Rd, to investigate.  Now you notice the sign: The Madonna Inn.  You learn that it opened in 1958, and that it is known for its different themed guest rooms, an amazing bakery, spa, and yes, a great restaurant.   This is where our story began.

The Idea

In the restaurant, this beautiful chair was being used as a host chair.  Seeing that it needed reupholstering, they sent it off to a company that actually makes and designs chairs, to be recovered.

It was there that the craftsmen realized this chair had great character, and really wasn’t being made by anyone.  So, an idea was conceived;  Let’s make this chair 20% larger, to appeal to the needs of today’s romantic furniture lovers, and make it for anyone who loves romantic furniture.  So, with the permission of the chair owner, preparations got underway to make what would be called, The Madonna Wing Chair!

A Chair with a Story 

The Facts

All chairs begin with the frame.  A bench-made, hardwood reinforced frame is produced to insure the chair’s strength, with double-doweled and glued joints.  Corner block reinforcement are used, where possible, to give you rock-solid stability.  Superior seat cushion comfort provides quality and beauty that is unparalleled.

Key features include: Elegant full rolled arms with a camelback, and a unique bowed front seat cushion. The traditional winged back provides a measure of privacy. Richly tufted back and seat provides a most comfortable seating experience. The entire chair is appointed with stately hand-applied nailhead trim. To add a touch of elegance, the chair sits atop exaggerated Queen Ann legs. The Madonna chair is one of a kind!

A Chair with a Story A Chair with a Story

The Madonna Chair and Magnolia Hall

When we went to the High Point furniture market in the Fall of 2015, we walked into Old Hickory Tannery, a great manufacturer that we have known for many years.  Standing in the entrance area, my eye was immediately drawn to a magnificent chair across the room.  “What is this?”, we asked.  We were then told the interesting story of the chair that we call The Madonna Wing Chair.  We fell in love with the chair, and we know you will too.  The nice folks at Old Hickory Tannery helped us design a package of fabrics and finishes that would appeal to our customers.

The Options

We wanted to give you some “vintage” options for this exquisite chair.  Velvets were selected to preserve the essenceof the Victorian period, and provide a variety of design options.  We alsofelt velvets would give the Madonna a softer profile.  So, you can choose from 12 elegant colors.  To give the chair a totally different look, we opted for top-quality leathers, to give it a more dramatic and stately presence.  Choose from Kensington Red (as shown), or Bosley Brown.

We also wanted you to have the option to select your wood finish.  Each of the four elegant finishes gives the Madonna a different personality.  You can select from the vintage Cherry finish to the elegant, and more modern Espresso finish.

A Chair with a Story

The Joy

The nice thing about this story is that the Madonna Wing Chair is not in some museum for you to just take Its picture.  You can bring this chair home, where you will be able to see for yourself that it truly is a very special chair.  And, as you are sitting there, nestled in its comfort, you may want to tell your friends the chair’s story.  We would love to hear from you.  Tell us about your visit to the Madonna Inn.  And, after your chair arrives in your home, go ahead….take a picture and send it to us!  And, tell us why you think the Madonna Wing Chair is your favorite chair in your home.