An Armful Of Mischief

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About the Artist
Catherine Amyot was born in Copenhagen in 1845. Her paintings were mainly of genre subjects and portraits and included a commission to paint two portraits of Charles XIV for King Oscar II. In 1878 she married Thomas Amyot, an English doctor, and moved to Norfolk. Whilst continuing to exhibit on the Continent, Catherine Amyot received considerable recognition for her paintings in Britain and exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1879 to 1890.

About the Print
This print is finished with a matte "textured" coating, which gives your art an elegant appearance. Then, we framed it in our F4318 "masterpiece" frame, giving a museum quality appearance. All of our richly designed frames have an antique finish with subtle accents to highlight the intricate detail, then a low sheen sealer is applied. The Watermark in the center of the images will not appear on final art.

About the Frame
These masterpiece frames are made of solid wood, with the exception of the F3242 frame, which is cast resin, and then covered with an outer layer of sculpting material called Gesso (pronounced like Jesso). You can see this outer layer on the side views of the frames. Gesso is a traditional mix of a glue binder, chalk, and white pigment, used to coat rigid surfaces, such as wooden painting panels as an absorbent primer coat substrate for painting. It is also used by sculptures to prepare the shape of the final sculpture (fused bronze) or directly as a material for sculpting. Gesso can also be used as a layer between sculptured wood and gold leaf. A collection of gesso sculptures is properly called gypsotheque. Please allow 5-7 weeks for this work of art.

Dimensions (Inside Frame): W18"  H24"

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