Palace Gates Mansion Bed

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Palace Gates Mansion Bed

The Palace Gates Mansion Bed is part of our Designer Collection.
Palace Gates upholstery embodies the refinement of European traditions with styles that bespeak old wealth and high station. Sensuous shapes and luxurious fabrics, with a sense of history, inspire a beautiful translation of romance.

King Bed- (W91" D91" H71½")
Queen Bed- (W74&frac12" D90" H73")
The headboard features a wonderfully padded leather tufted section that is trimmed with antique brass nail heads that complement the rich tones of the Royal Sable Finish. Woodcarvings center the headboard, and trim both the headboard and footboard. The entire bed features only sweeping lines, without any hard corners, creating a symbol of grandeur that brings out the inspirations of world travels. Solid Birch is used because the close grain and satiny texture of the species brilliantly showcases the rich color of the Royal Sable Finish. The natural wood provides a durable substrate, and makes for an heirloom quality piece.